Remote Access Viasat

With my current internet I am unable to use remote access on my 4 tuner DVR. Will remote access in the 4 tuner Tablo DVR work with Viasat satellite internet. Thanks

Tough question. What’s the problem using it with your current internet?

Some routers will automatically configure for Remote Streaming because of the protocol type. My router didn’t use UpNp (? Is that right?) so I had to set up port forwarding in my router settings. Do a search here for ‘port forwarding’ or ‘remote access’ or search for your router’s model number and see if anyone has posted a step by step. I know that I posted a step by step for an Arris router provided by AT&T.

Once I was able to get the ports forwarded correctly, remote streaming has worked flawlessly. Might take some trial and error, or maybe even reaching out to Tablo support to see if they have info on your router type.

A router port issue was kind of my thought too but some internet companies shape traffic and block ports as well which could cause problems.

I looked at the company that OP was thinking about switching to. They do things like force lower resolution video and traffic prioritization if you go over caps on their “unlimited” plans and on some plans they reduce video quality for all video even before you hit the cap. I strongly suggest reading the fine print for them before switching.

EDIT:. All the way down to 360p depending on the plan.

This satellite internet you speak of, what is the upload speed of it? That is key for remote viewing.

“Upload speeds up to 3 Mbps.” See link below.

While you may be able to connect remotely to the Tablo to say set a recording or delete a show, actually watching the video may be problematic due to slow upload speeds. The lowest HD recording video quality is 720p 3 Mbps, then if you use a remote streaming quality of 1 Mbps, the video will be re-encoded at a lower bitrate where the actual visual quality won’t be great.

As well, remember re-encoding the video when using a remote streaming quality less than “Full Quality” will use a tuner on the Tablo.