Remote access to Tablo without first connecting through the local WiFI?

My son lives in London and has an iPad and Mac for instance, which he has not used to access our Tablo while on our home WIFI. What information can I send him to allow him to access my Tablo in the US?

Thx in advance

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Without syncing his media playing devices directly with the Tablo first, there are only workarounds, but they’ll only work for recordings, not Live TV.

An example of a remote access recordings workaround is to rip the recordings off the Tablo using Tablo Ripper, and store the ripped recordings on a Plex Server, which will host the recordings.
Then it’s just opening a Plex Server hosting port in your router to allow remote network access.

Another option is for your son to ship his iPad to you, you sync it with your Tablo, enable the iPad Tablo app ‘Remote Access’ feature, and ship the iPad back to your son.
I know, I know… wouldn’t do that option either.

You would need to set up a VPN on a server of some sort in your home, then have your son connect to the VPN. That would enable him to pair with the Tablo. Then he could connect without the VPN.

Very resourceful, but I agree not really practical. Thx for the ideas.

Interesting, I will look into setting up the VPN. Tx

If you do that, make sure when your son sets up his VPN client he uses the option to “send all traffic to VPN” or something like that. Otherwise the multi-cast the client uses to find the Tablo units might not get through.

Oh snap, didn’t think about that one.
Way cool.
But where were you when I had my son ship his… nevermind.

Yes I can confirm you can pair any device remotely using a VPN. Of course you need to setup the VPN server at your home where the Tablo is located.

OK, warning, I am new to VPNs.

I have started by turning on the VPN capability in my Netgear router. They want me to use an OpenVPN Connect client for the iphone. After many steps I am given a choice of a tunnel, and two other kinds of VPN.

When I select tunnel, the others require more config, and connect, the Tablo app cannot find the Tablo. I am doing this while on the wifi. My son had the same experience from London.

Thank you very much

Sorry, that’s way out of scope for these boards. Every router does things differently, and almost every client.

The only generic suggestion I can make is to ensure that the client is set up to route all traffic through the VPN. That’s not the default for most, as I recall.

I suggest you find a board dedicated to Netgear products.

Thx for your guidance. The next step is a big one!

Netgear usually has a number of knowledge articles on various subjects.

Have you googled “netgear vpn router”. I’ve never had a need to activate VPN on my netgear router. I think the configuration is different based on client :Windows, Mac, IOS.

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I went through similar instructions yday, but these look better. Thx