Remote access to recordings without pairing device

Thanks to many info from this community. I learned that you can get a listing of your recordings by accessing :18080/pvr and be able to extract the recordings using ffmpeg. With such info, I too created my own windows front end program to extract all my recordings automatically. All works well.

Anyway, while working on the program at a remote location, I was not able to test my program since Tablo is not local. So I want to see if I can access it remotely by creating a port forwarding on my router and pointed to my Tablo at home. It works. I can access my Tablo as if I was at home. I can even playback recording using VLC. All without needing to enabled the remote feature on Tablo, nor needing to pair with the device. Of course when playing back, it would not re-encode to an optimize format for the device.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. But with this, I can have my friend using my program to extract all the recording at his house to his computer. Nice remote backup if anyone wants to do that.

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You going to share your program with the community??

Sure. I’ll need to find a place to host it. Anyone has any recommendation? Preferably not needing to sign up for an account. The file is very small, less than 20k.

Here you go. You can download it here.!133

You’ll need at least .net 4 framework on your computer to run the program. Also need ffmpeg on your computer to work. No installation is required, just extract the 2 files to any folder. Before running, edit the TR.ini file to match your settings. Save it and run the exe file. If all when well, the process should start.

The program only has 1 function, that is to extract all the recordings to the pre-defined location. After that the program will exit automatically.

Tested on Windows XP 32bit, Windows 7 32bit, and Windows 10 32bit.