Remote access still n/g

I’ve had Tablo now for over a year and the remote access is still not working, it’s not a big issue so I let it slide. But my wife is bugging me to get it resolved so, I’m bugging you again :laughing:

Over the past year I periodically check when travelling and remote access dies after a minute or two of viewing remotely, always the same error, lost contact with Tablo. I reset the connection and it’s good for another minute.

It can’t be a network speed issue, I have 500mbs direct fibre to the house and the type and speed of the remote connection has no bearing on the loss of connection. It doesn’t matter if I’m hot spotting from my phone or if I’m attaching by a remote wifi network. Remote connection quality is NOT the problem, ALL my other remote connections are fine, Netflix, remote security cams, and remote home controls, only Tablo.

I do not have the ability to log into the fibre router at home so making changes to the software might be an issue.



Can you hard wired your Tablo to your router?

Worth a try, if that works what’s the issue? It can’t be the local in house net connection because it works fine locally?


I had this problem for a long, long time. Three issues. First thing is port forwarding. In my case, I had so many devices on my network, that some wanted the same port as Tablo. On your router, UPNP is supposed to allow the devices to set up their own port forwarding. Try turning this OFF and do your own port forwarding rules. See if this fixes it. IF not, note which ports Tablo wants, then disconnect the Tablo. Turn on UPNP and see which device grabs the ports that Tablo wanted. Then do something about that other device.

The other thing is that you may have your Tablo as a dynamic IP address on your network when the port forwarding rule may specify a static IP address. You may have to create a reservation on your network to create a static IP address. I doubt this is it because the problem would only occur if your router reassigned an IP address. This would only happen if your router was continually rebooting.

Or here is what fixed my problem and I know you won’t believe it. Tablo had assigned the same serial number to 2 devices. We did not know this. I would get the remote Tablo function to work and then a few minutes later, nothing. Get it to work, then nothing. Repeat, repeat. Finally, one day the Tablo tech people said “Your public IP is xxxxx, right? In Texas, right?” I gave them a “No.” to both questions. Then at their direction, I put the Tablo in some mode so they could dial in and fix it. They did. It has worked flawlessly since then. Flawlessly.

A few years later I purchased a second Tablo. It does not have this problem. I have had ZERO problems with this new Tablo. Zero. Nada.

Happy User

Thanks for the detailed response on my remote connection issue, strange as it seems my problem is GONE.

I just tried it again and had my phone running remotely for over an hour without a problem. Over the last year I have NEVER gotten more than a minute or two running remote access without a connection error.

Trust me I’m not complaining, I have always loved the Tablo and have recommended the product to friends, its just that the remote issue was bugging me and since i didnt have the option of modifing the fibre router I was running out of options.

Hopefully this will last.