Remote Access Re-Sync

I know I ( and I think most of us ) get annoyed about the Sync process, but here’s where I want it to Re-Sync.
Right now, I am using Remote Access, and I KNOW that the list of recordings is Stale.
Is there a way to Re-Sync without “red-X’ing” on the “Connect” screen. If I “red-X” I have to wait until I get home to pair it up again.

Do you have ports manually opened on your firewall? I ask because I honestly have not had to re-sync in ages, and go a very long and random times between connecting remotely.

I’m not sure about the ports.

If I view the Tablo with my Android Tablet, using Chrome, I get the Stale info.
When I view the Tablo with that Tablet, using the Tablo app, it goes “Syncing” for minutes, then I get Up-To-Date Info.

When I view the Tablo with my Android Phone, using Chrome, I get Up-To-Date Info.

So, inconsistent results…

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I thought it might magically correct itself during the night - sadly, it did not.
So, I’ll have to take my Tablet home and “red-X” it and then reestablish the pairing…