Remote Access Questions

My wife & I travel in our RV a lot & I normally just use my RV antenna &/or the RV Park cable but I would like the ability to access my Tablo when away from home.

Tablo Connect in my settings says that it is ready for remote access.

My home network upload speed is 5Mbps. If I set my recording quality to 720p - 3Mbps & set my remote streaming quality to Full, then should I be able to view my recordings remotely & have full ability to scroll forward through my recordings?

I also noticed that I will need to have a device that was paired with my Tablo on my home network. So if I simply take one of my Fire TV devices with me & connect it to my RV TV, then I should be able to access my Tablo recordings?

I do understand that I will have to have internet access. I plan to use my phone as a mobile hot-spot thus use my phone data. Has anyone used their phone as a hot-spot & accessed their Tablo in this manner? If so, how well does it work?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

Don’t know about the Fire TV. But it should work. Test while still in town by taking it to a neighbor/friend’s house.

I’m in an RV in Colorado watching recordings from my Tablo in AR via Android and browser. I’m trying to stream to my Chromecast on the TV. It works, but 30 second skips restart the entire show while using the Chromecast.

I would make sure all your devices are paired, so you have backups.


What recording quality & remote streaming quality do you use?

I record at 5mbps. I remote stream at full quality. I may have an unfair advantage as I have a Gigabit connection at the house and an 80 Mbps connection here. I work for small ISPs.

I am supposed to have 5Mbps upload speed, when I did a test the site I used measured my upload speed at 5.7 Mbps.

I have no idea what download speed I will get using my phone as a mobile hot-spot. I think I will try your idea of testing it before we head out this Friday.


It is possible Qos might be interfering with remote access, especially if priority settings are not optimized.

It is possible remote access with the Tablo could work better if Qos is turned off. Can’t hurt to experiment.


ISPs give less outgoing bandwidth intentionally, for economy, since most users upload less than they download from the Internet. QoS on routers, therefore, is most useful for traffic when outgoing from your LAN. For incoming traffic, any useful QoS has probably already been applied by your ISP.