Remote access on T-Mobile network seems to be hit or miss

Generally, remote access seems to work well if I’m on a wi-fi network, but on T-Mobile, it doesn’t work more often than not. This morning, for example, I had a really strong 4G LTE signal on my Samsung Galaxy S6 running the latest version of Android (6-something) and could not reliable play live TV. Sometimes it would work, but more often than not, I got a “Player Error”

Thinking maybe it was the upload streaming bandwidth (normally set to 1 Mbps, my ISP delivers 10-20 Mbps upstream) I tried 750 Kbps and then 500 Kbps and found it made no difference.

Is anyone with T-Mobile seeing this as well? Anyone with other carriers experiencing this?

Yep I had the same problem. I switched the remote streaming to “full quality” and that seemed to resolve it.

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If you search, you’ll find I posted the same problem while on Sprint. This is a network independent bug.

Now that’s interesting, and counterintuitive… I will have to give that a try. My thought was that lowering the quality would do it, as it uses less bandwidth. Didn’t think to go the other way.

Edit: I changed my remote streaming setting to “Full Quality” and to my surprise, it worked! Not sure why using more bandwidth is better on the cellular network, but that did the trick. Maybe @TabloSupport support can feed that back to engineering to investigate. Anyway, appreciate the tip.

I turned off Bingen On since I have unlimited high speed data and it seems to help. Today I watched NBC NIGHTLY News recording using LTE with no problems.

@beastman, make sure you’re using a reduced bandwidth, like 1Mbps and also try to change channels.