Remote access on apple tv

Hi, I’m having a hard time finding a list of which devices do and do not work remotely, in particular I’m wondering if an apple tv will work remotely to access my tablo hooked up at another location.

I know devices need to be “paired” first, but I also understand some devices (like the roku) don’t work remotely even after being paired, while other devices (like my computer, android phone, among others) do work even away from home. If an apple tv won’t work remotely, I’m also curious whether or not an amazon fire, or any other device meant to be hooked up to a TV.


The only devices that do not work remotely at this time are Rokus and the new AppleTv.

well shucks. the significant other has a bias for apple products and I like the roku. At least the universe is working against us both equally :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information