Remote Access missing

I recently reconnect my Tablo 2 tuner to my network. I went into and scanned the network and it found the device. I connected to it and it updated the firmware to the latest version 2.2.26. Everything is working fine and I scanned the local stations and then connected via Apple TV and was able to watch live TV on my local network. I then tested on my iPhone using the LTE connection and wasn’t able to connect, I then remembered I had to set up the port forwarding, I login to thru my laptop and go into setting to look at what ports to use, and I don’t see anything showing “Remote Connect” that I can get the ports being used. It was there when I had previous used the device, about 1 year ago. I contacted support and they said it seems that I don’t have a subscription, and from what I remember the subscription was for the guide and not remote access. Is this true?

Thanks, was this always the case? I had the subscription previously so I guess that’s why I had seen it before.

It’s been pretty much like that for the last 4-5 years I’ve owned mine. But I see commercial skip was recently added. But I think remote connect was always a subscription feature.

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