Remote access issue

Todays cunundrum is Remote access. I set up port forwarding to the liking of the Tablo ages ago. Last month I tried logging in from a remote location but Tablo was unavailable. When I got home I opened settings and it said my router needed configuring. Just for fun, I unchecked remote access, re checked it and, SURPRISE, remote access was enabled and I verified as much by accessing on LTE. Today I was in settings and as I scrolled down I noticed it said my router needed reconfiguring again. So, again, I unchecked and rechecked remote access and again it is working. For now. Any ideas on what is going on and how to solve the recurring issue. For what it is worth the router is Rogers Hitron.

Does your router have UPnP and is it turned on? I keep UPnP turned off and manually setup port forwarding. I also reserve the IP address for Tablo in my router.

Tablo has static IP. UnPnP is off.

UNPNP is off now. It was on.

This is the problem. I put all my Rogers modems in bridge mode and use my own router for all networking and WiFi features. The Rogers modem is a POS.

My experience has always been to keep UPnP turned off then manually set port forwarding if you want dependable remote access. With several previous routers. Especially my old Belkin ones. They were touchy.

Try turning off remote access in Tablo. Then with UPnP turned off in your router turn remote access back on in your Tablo. Tablo will now give you the ports to forward.

I configured it manually intially and I thought I had turned it off. We’ll see but it sounds plausible.