Remote access Google Wifi

So I thought I had this figured. I was able to go on my cell data only and access my Tablo and play shows. Then, I traveled out of state and again, while on cell data, I couldn’t get access. I tried a wifi access point where I was at with the same result. Kinda goofy, any ideas?

Also, in looking for possible port forwarding, in looking at devices, there is not one named ‘Tablo’. I have a bunch of unnamed ones, is there a way to figure out which is Tablo?

I assume you are saying you have a Google WiFi router? I happen to be testing a NETGEAR one at the moment but we’ve used a Google WiFi for a while so I’m going somewhat by memory here as far as the UI in the app.

As far as figuring out which device in the Google WiFi app is your Tablo, if you go into Tablo app (I’m looking at the app on my Android phone at the moment) and go into Settings the Server Host should be listed, which is the current IP address. You should also see a MAC Address. You should be able to use either of those in the Google WiFi app to determine which unnamed device is your Tablo.

Once you have done that, you’ll want to make sure you enter that IP under DHCP IP Reservations so that the Tablo IP stays “static”. Once that is done you should be able to go into Port Management which is where you set up port fowarding using the appropriate IP address and ports.

If you know the MAC address of the Tablo, use the dot menu in the upper right of the Google WiFi app and choose “Show MAC addresses”. Make sure you select 30 days (not realtime) because the Tablo may not be active on the internet at the moment. Select the MAC address of Tablo.

Click details and the edit (pen) icon and go ahead and name it “Tablo” or something where you can ID it in the future.

Then in the upper right dot menu, choose “Reserve IP”. If you don’t have a suggest final three digits of the IP and must type, choose an upper number in the range such as 190. After that is setup, choose setup IPv4 forwarded and setup your rules.

My rules are

21261 > 8887 TCP
21260 > 80 TCP

Since the Google WiFI is not your internet router, you may need to place the IP of the Google WiFi in the DMZ zone on your internet router.

Thanks for the info guys, I never got a notification that there were answers to my question. Much appreciated!