Remote Access For Google Wifi Not Working

I’ve read through the previous related threads and I’m pretty sure I have everything set up right, but I still cannot get the remote access feature to work.

Here is my setup:
-Fiber into the house goes to a modem (not a router just a modem)
-Modem connects to Google Wifi
-Google Wifi connects to 4 port ethernet switch
-Tablo is hardwired into the 4 port switch

I attached screenshots of my settings. Can anyone help? I need to get this set up or my wife will make me go back to DirecTv. Any suggestions to try?

As a new user it would only let me upload one image in the previous post. Here is the other screenshot.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Does the modem have its own DHCP Server? As in it is assigning an internal IP to your Google WiFi router.

What is the WAN IP of your Google WiFi router? Does it start with 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x?

The modem doesn’t have a DHCP server. Google Wifi is acting as the DHCP server.

The Google Wifi WAN starts with 100.70.

Thanks for replying. Any ideas?

Ok I believe 100.x.x.x is an external IP (maybe someone else can chime in). Some suggestions:

Try hard wiring the Tablo directly to the Google WiFi router - no switch in line.

Try changing the internal network subnet to 192.168.1.x (something more traditional than 86).

Does port forwarding for any other service or device work on your router?

I have Google Wifi and Tablo and no issues getting remote access setup. Sounds like we have similar configurations.

  • Modem (not acting as a router)
  • Google Wifi
  • Switch
  • Tablo hardwired to switch
  • DHCP reservation for tablo 192.168.86.x

Double-check that the public_ip value shown at matches the WAN IP shown at If they don’t match, try power cycling only the Tablo and test again. (Note: I originally suggested comparing the public_ip value with the WAN ip value in the Google Wifi App but that App doesn’t seem to show the correct WAN IP.)

Hi Bruce, thanks for the reply.

So Tablo and WhatismyIP are showing the same IP address.

I just can’t figure out why its not working. Debating on switching to HDHomerun with the Channels app.

Maybe remove those IP addresses from your posts. But is that the same WAN IP address reported on your Google WiFi router?

Also it is now 208.x, before you said your ISP was in the 100.x range.

the range came from the google wifi WAN page.

Yes - you may want to edit the post to remove your full public IP address. (The IP range 100.70 is part of a shared private range that ISPs can use).

I checked my Google Wifi App and I have UPnP disabled. If it isn’t already disabled maybe try turning it off. Maybe a conflict between port forwarding and UPnP??

Try reaching out to @TabloTV or @TabloSupport to see if they have any ideas before you return your Tablo. I’ve had mine for 5+ years with no regrets.

Definitely get @TabloSupport involved and point them to this:

I wonder if you 208.x.x.x address is mapped at your ISPs router to the 100.70.x.x address on your router. Google Wifi is creating a port forwarding rule for the 100.70.x.x but Tablo needs one at the 208.x.x.x address which is at your ISPs router. I hope that makes some sense.

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Yes my point is if the Google WIFi router is not reporting the WAN IP address as the same IP Address as What is my IP then there is some networking issue. Maybe “double NAT”. For why double NAT is a problem, take a read of the links below.

I think we are on to something. Let me do some research then I’ll report back.

So apparently it’s a provider issue. All the homes in my area share an IP address and the carrier uses their on NAT to assign IP addresses. The only way to get around it is to purchase a static IP address. Thanks to everyone for the assist. At least we discovered and resolved a new issue.

Per Reddit Post:
It’s not a problem with the device inside your home; it’s an issue with the Metronet network. Your home connection shares an IP address with other people’s home connections, and you can’t work around that level of NATing. All you can do, if you want to be able to access local resources from elsewhere on the internet, is to purchase a static IP address from Metronet for (I believe) $10/month.

Bruce and TheUser86, thanks for the tips. I confirmed with the ISP that they are using carrier NAT.

Unfortunately, the solution is to pay them $10 bucks a month for a static IP address.

Again appreciate all the help.

So they told you that you can’t get port forwarding to work without a Static IP? That is BS. Switch ISPs.