Remix Mini PC $76 (Android based computer)

Great deal on a new Remix Mini PC 16 GB model - given the specs and it’s Android based I’m sure it’d make a great Tablo player and home theatre PC.

$76 today only

Amazon sells it for $70.

That’s USD for Americans.

NCIX is CAD for Canadians.

Save yourself some frustration and don’t buy “Android PCs.” If you really want Android at your tv, get a Nexus Player or Shield TV. The boxes with “Android” on them are poorly built, rarely updated, and have poor customer service behind them.

Buyer beware.

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I agree with @Andrroid that you shouldn’t spend your money on this. Spend the money on an officially supported, living room optimized device like the Nexus Player or NVIDIA Shield.

Agree with the posts, but sadly this points to some of the problems with “Android” in general. It may be Linux based, but it doesn’t share the freedom that Linux has.

What? Its exactly the freedom of Android that allows it to be installed upon subpar devices and sold at silly prices.

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Thanks for the input - I personally use a Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, all work legit, they are Android based.

Thats not generic Android though. Its a fork of Android, optimized by Amazon, a major retailer with not terrible customer support. Their fire lineup also sees regular updates.

These generic android boxes are often made for cheap in China and are not optimized at all. The OS is just slapped on the hardware, device slapped together and shipped out. They provide a very different experience.

This particular box is the result of a kickstarter out of China