REMINDER - Fall 2018 User Survey

Hi folks -

If you’ve already filled out our bi-annual user survey - THANK YOU!

If you haven’t, you’ve got two more days to tell us what you think about your Tablo and how we can make it more awesome over the coming year.

(Check your inbox for a link!)

I’ll be taking your feedback directly to management and our engineering team, so don’t miss your chance to provide input on the future of your favorite OTA DVR!

For some reason, I never got the first announcement. Just got the reminder though and filled it out.

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Weird… Maybe went into your spam folder?

It went out September 18th.

No I checked. But its always possible I got into a mass delete frenzy and it got caught up with other stuff I didn’t want…

If it happens again we might do more digging, for now though, I got the last one and I am receiving the other newsletters so all good.

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I did not get one.
Check spam folder, too.

I don’t see one either. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever gotten an email from Tablo. How do I make sure I’m signed up?

I didn’t get one either.

I just assume it’s blocked at the border until the new trade deal is finalized.

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I didn’t notice it at first either but after seeing this thread, I found it with the subject “Cord Cutting This Week - Have Your Say”.

Just to balance things out, I’ll add I received both the original survey email and the reminder one. :grinning:

That’s the survey for our weekly newsletter. Close but no cigar.

For those of you who don’t seem to be getting our customer newsletters, if you pop me a DM I can send you the link to the user survey and/or make sure you start getting the customer newsletters if you share an email address I can add to our distribution list.

Done! Great survey questions too - thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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Today’s the last chance to take the fall 2018 user survey and get a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from Amazon!