Reloading Constantly

My Tablo started reloading constantly about 15-20 seconds. It will start at the start of the 15-20 second clip after the reload. This happens on multiple channels and using the the plex channel, web browser, and roku app (standard and preview).

I think this started yesterday but was out of Saturday so not sure. Friday I think it wasn’t an issue and months before.

This ‘repeating’ of the same segment is usually caused by poor OTA signal.

  1. What is your OTA antenna? Amplified antenna or not?
  2. Is the antenna connected directly to the Tablo? Or do you have a splitter in line?
  3. How long is the cable run form the antenna to the Tablo?

This wasn’t an issue before for months so I think this is Tablo encoding the video. Have any changes happened to the firmware of Tablo? Is there a list of the different versions of firmware?

I’m just opening a ticket. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The last thing you could try is to log in to your Tablo on a computer using the Chrome browser. Then under Settings, turn OFF “Fast Live TV Startup”. So make sure it’s unchecked.


I tried it but it still seems to be acting up.

Maybe I’ll have to check the antenna but i can’t see how that’s the issue. maybe the Tablo tuner is messed up :confused: When I do a scan the channels have a good signal but maybe after awhile the tuner hiccups. It was tuned to a channel for hours so maybe this will cause hardware issues.

The first thing to do would be to reboot your router, then Tablo, then playback device in that order. Have you tried doing this?

@iam - Sorry to hear things aren’t going well. The support team will take a look at your ticket today and we’ll get this fixed up for you.

thank you. i responded to the email.

I have rebooted the tablo.

Is the ticket system backed up because I haven’t received another email after answering the generic questions in the first email?

@iam - Sorry. We are running a bit behind this week due to the Canadian holiday. I’ll make sure we get to you today although it doesn’t seem like you used the email address associated w/ your forum account. If you can let me know what address you used to create your ticket or your ticket # I’ll pass it along to the support team.

Hi My name is Mike and I just installed my new Tablo today and am very eager to use it a LOT. However, I am having a similar problem. I haven’t had it installed long enough to use it with any recorded content, but when watching live TV, I have noticed the same sort of issue as “iam”.

In my case, it doesn’t always go back to the place it left off, but it does keep stopping every several seconds to reload. I am certain this doesn’t have anything to do with the wifi connection because other Roku channels have worked just fine, and that includes while watching the Roku (3) AND streaming on up to three other wifi devices simultaneously.

However, when I try to use any of my other wifi devices while the Tablo is transmitting a live TV signal, that’s when it keeps stopping to reload. It doesn’t seem to be a problem as long as I’m not using any of the other devices…but that’s not really what I signed up for.

Does that make sense? Anybody have any thoughts on what might be the issue?

FYI, the hard drive I have connected to the Tablo is a new WD Elements 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive



@Michael, your issue sounds like you don’t have enough bandwidth. Maybe you need a better router.

@TabloTV, I heard back from support and their suggestion (disconnecting the HD and rebooting the Tablo) got my Tablo working again. My Tablo and HD don’t like each other :wink:

I got my Tablo before Christmas last year and was able to watch full NFL games without the reloading or repeating issue. This issue has only started happening in the last 4-6 months. I’m on a hardwired network (no WIFI) to a Roku on my main TV. The only difference on my end between the first few months and the most recent is the coax length increased because I moved the Tablo into a dedicated media closet and of course the firmware updates.

I swear that the repeating issue was not happening when I first moved to the media closet and they began after the March/April firmware update.

Are there any signal amplifiers that are reasonably priced and work well that I could try? I really don’t think this is the issue, but if it’s affordable, I’ll try it. If it doesn’t work, I’ve got a 4 tuner for sale.

This is what I use

@iam As I said in my message, I am able to stream on 4 different devices simultaneously through the same exact router, so I am fairly certain that bandwidth is not the issue. I have also booted all the devices.

I’ve also just put in a message with support because my unit is running so hot, that it burns my hand to touch the bottom of it. Whether this is safe for the unit is less important than being a fire hazard. I’m kinda worried about it.

It’s not a fire hazard (warm metal/plastic won’t burn anything), but have you put the Tablo on its side or used some kind of cooling with it? I have mine tilted on its side, and it runs a lot better than it did when flat. Others have put a laptop cooling pad under theirs.

I’m not so sure about that. It’s actually really hot, not just warm. I will, however, try it on its side and see if that helps. How did it run “better” for you when you put it on its side? Was there actually a difference in performance or was it just not as hot?

Yes run it vertical rather than horizontal. As well make sure it’s in a well ventilated area.

I had some reboots when it was flat, and they went away when it was on its side. I have kept it on its side for about a year now, and it works great.