Reliability question

I’m just wondering how reliable the tablo is before I throw any more money at the system.

I have a 4 Channel system with decent network speeds. I have my recordings set at recommend 720.

My antenna strength shows 5 bars when I scan (for the channels in question) I have a Samsung note 9 phone (great speed and processor) yet I have been getting the error screen. (Using data and wifi - errors using both)

This has been occuring on and off since last night.

Previously I posted about using a fire stick for my seasonal cabin, so I ordered that last night. I will move forward with the antenna (another $80) as well, but Im starting to get frustrated with all the issues and tinkering to get this running solid. If the reliability is not very good when using the system at another place, I will reconsider my options. The unit at the house has been working just fine.

Am I the exception, or is this par for the Tablo course and I should cut my losses now??

I’m not sure about everything you have going on here, a few things, as for signal/antenna - it doens’t say weak signal, not an issue in this scenario.

The speed test measures internet connection speed. If you’re watching on your home wifi this should be irreverent. If you’re using remote connect it might.

I was trying to watch the news on my tablet outside yesterday, and saw that screen when my wifi dropped. Message tells you either the tablo lost network connection or your device has… or all turners are recording right now.
… I do get your frustration, if I didn’t come accross that way

The issue occurred on home network while using remote connect via phone. It would play for about 20 seconds and the error would pop up.

The errors also occurred on both wifi and data while off the home network (connecting with phone) I did a couple phone reboots, had good wifi and good data connections, and same scenario- it would play 15-20 seconds and error would come up. Sometimes it would reconnonect and play, other times it would not reconnect.

The concern I have is about the remote connection and it’s overall reliability given my issues in only a week’s time and $260 in equipment so far.

Alright, I got a clearer idea what you’re asking. Sorry I don’t have any experience with remote connect, virtually most of my use use is via wired connection. Despite my personal issues with my tablo dual lite, I have found it to be reliably functional.

There are experienced users around who I may be able to assist you getting things straightened out. Overall, for what it’s marketed for, it does what it’s suppose to rather well in my (and many others) experience.

If you haven’t already, can you give our support team a shout? If we can take a look at your Tablo from our end, we should be able to shed some light on what’s going on here.

The biggest issue I’m having now is accessing the tablo on my phone. I’ve tried a lot of the different settings and all same result. It seems to work okay on wifi, but as soon as I go off the network, errors after about 10-15 seconds

Man it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that error. Do you have UPnP turned on on your router?