Reliability & Props

Of course in forums things like issues and problems take center stage… But I was just reflecting on my own experience with my original Tablo 4-Tuner: and it has been fantastic. I had one unit failure that Tablo replaced (out of warranty, whaaaaaat?!? Who does that???) and every other aspect of it has been awesome.

I now take for granted pulling up live tv on my phone or laptop. I now rest assured that Tablo will grab that next great boxing match for me. It will recover after a power outage or an internet outage or both. Everything will stream well, and I can even watch while away.

In short, what a wonderful piece of gear… Clearly envisioned and well-executed.

Hats off, merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year, and thanks for everything Tablo. U folks do a fantastic job.



I am very pleased with my Tablo Quad.

I am less pleased with my 2016 Samsung’s Tablo app - hoping for an update soon… - but other than that the system has been flawless. I have it powered through a UPS, which I believe helps a lot.

Thank you! And to you as well, Sir!