Regarding the upcoming grid view for live Tv via Roku

There's a private roku channel called "What's On?" that uses a very basic, but very useful grid view that the folks at tablo might want to check out when they start building the grid for live tv.

Thanks @brg88tx

Our new Roku dev starts Monday. He’s gonna be a busy man!



Thanks @brg88tx

Our new Roku dev starts Monday. He’s gonna be a busy man!

Great to hear that you hired one!

Well it took us a while to find someone awesome since you were otherwise unavailable :wink:

I posted before, but I think something like what the USTVNOW Roku channel has would be great.

@guck11 - Thanks for the reminder! We have looked at this and would like to emulate it. 

another little thing I like in a grid view is “HD” for high definition programming

@brg88tx thanks for the what’s on channel info!  i am a roku user, so i now  refer to that guide to see what’s on.  big help :slight_smile:

If Tablo goes to a EPG and enhanced UI overall for the Roku, I am going headfirst in joining the Tablo family.

Why only for Roku?  If the new Android phone app would just Chromecast, a live TV grid would be terrific. I just returned three Rokus and went full on Plex, which is many times better (fwd/bk skips for one thing) and available wherever I am via hot spot or cell data.  If the Android app had Chromecast I wouldn’t need Roku or Plex.  If you wait too long on software features someone will make a front end to Tablo that has them.

@oldmike - Both Android apps have live TV grid guides. We’ll also be adding Chromecast to the Android smartphone app soon. Stay tuned!

Any previews you can post?

Sorry @tacopeland - Can’t share any yet. 

We will as soon as we can though. Stay tuned!