Regaining access to recordings

I’m new to community, so apologies if I am redundant. I have read the postings on instructions on moving a hard drive to a new Tablo, but what happens if I erred BEFORE reading the steps? Is there a way to recover from a MISTAKE

I recently switched to a different router, and my Tablo would not connect remotely. Not knowing that you couldn’t just plug a populated hard drive into a Tablo, like you do with a PC, I did a hard reset on my Tablo (as a troubleshooting step), in the same room as my router, without the hard drive connected.

I’ve since resolved connectivity issues, but now my Tablo sees no recordings when my hard drive is re-connected, even though it shows the right amount of hard drive used.

Is there a way to get the Tablo to rebuild the program table (or whatever index it needs to have) … or barring that, to force it to re-format the drive (but I would prefer the former to the latter)

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You should contact support to see if any recovery options exist.

This thread from 2015 discussed the same situation, here’s what @theuser86 had to say in that thread:

May '15

The database is stored locally on the Tablo so if you factory reset the Tablo you will not be able to access the recordings from the Tablo.

The drive itself still has the recordings so you can plug it into a computer and save them. Except this process will require some knowledge and work on your part.

In theory it may be possible, if the Tablo was factory reset with the HDD not connected to it could one treat the reset Tablo just as a “new” Tablo? Cause there is a way to migrate from an old Tablo to a new Tablo.

However, if the OP left the HDD connected to his Tablo overnight the overnight maintenance process might have clear everything on the drive.

Think only Tablo Support can help with this one.