Refurbished remorse?

Bought the refurbished light dual for my parents Won’t connect to my app. Won’t connect to my WIFI. Runs super hot. Blue light constantly blinks. Says connection is slow from tablo. But all my my devices see it. I have no hard drive. Do I have to have a hard drive for the tablo to connect? Or did I get a refurbished dud? Connected my recast with no problems and I’m tech savvy. My phone won’t connect either.

Yes, a hard drive is required.
" What You Need

To set up your Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR you need:

I will hook one up and see if I’m allowed to proceed! :rofl:

True, a drive is required for proper function - basic function, viewing live TV and connectivity is possible without a drive connected (often a trouble-shooting option).

If it won’t connect… how can it be slow and your devices see it? Something may be missing in between these.✓&query=WiFi+connect&commit=Search

I have a refurbished Tablo Dual Lite and it works just as well as the new retail Dual Lite I have had, so just being refurbished doesn’t make it bad.