Refresh Tablo recordings?

Is there a way to refresh the recording menu? More often than I care for I will have recorded a show but it does not appear in the recordings menu. Wait about 20 minutes and it shows up. It’s very annoying how often this happens.

What kind of Tablo unit do you have, network or HDMI?

I have a network Tablo and access it with a Roku Ultra. When a program starts recording I see it right away in the Recent Recordings view (it displays “Recording Now…”). However, I’ve never noticed whether that screen dynamically refreshes if I just stay in it. I’ll test that.

Update: When I’m sitting in the Recent Recordings screen a new recording pops up right away (5 or 10 seconds). I tested with the Tablo Roku app and the Tablo Android app.

I have a network Tablo which I connect to via Apple TV. Most of my recording happen overnight, so I don’t know if I can see them while they are recording. But, in the morning there are times (not always) when the recording doesn’t show when I first go into Tablo. Wait a few minutes and it appears (few being 5-20). What I am looking for is some way to refresh the listing so that I can see what has been recorded, rather than waiting for it to refresh on its own.

Next morning as a test try accessing the Tablo via a browser first ( to see if there is a delay in showing recordings (you can even do this with your phone!). That would let you know whether it was an issue with the Tablo itself or Apple TV.

I am not familiar with Apple TV so don’t know if there is any way to force a refresh.

No, not familiar with Apple - have noticed several/many topics and posting with Apple specific issues.

This may be a struggle directly related to Apple TV and/or the various IOS platforms.