Referral Program

Is there a referral program?  If so, have you considered one?  Maybe offer free guide subscription based on referrals…  Not sure how you would track this when using 3rd party distribution though.  There are quite a few forum users, and those of us who are happy with the product could become great referral sources.  Just a thought…

@bkoster - We have talked about it and in fact have a program for subscribers that we’ll be launching shortly. Stay tuned!

I see it has been a year since anyone has talked about this I have been talking to alot of friends and see that it is an investment on my part to supply all the good data about tablo and its goods and bad on getting a Tablo. I see that a year ago it could of been in the works but what about now a year later is this still something for the future?@TabloTV I love incentives for referring people. I will do it anyway but i would invest more effort if there were incentives. Just thought I would bump this topic and see what people think. I am talking to 2 people about tablo right now and i am sure those numbers will grow. even a free service month would be a good idea. (5 dollar value)

Anyone else have input I would like to see this get more attention so that tablo knows we would like it.

@akanderson528 - We did get fairly far into something of this nature but the software we wanted to use had ‘hidden’ fees which made us reconsider. We’re always looking for ways to make this easy for users and us to implement but we haven’t found the right way yet.

We do appreciate all of the word-of-mouth advertising fans have done so far and will continue to look for ways we can make this happen.

@akanderson528 @TabloTV Can you not easily add a field when a new user registers or purchases? I suppose if it were that simple you’d already be doing so… I know two families who have cut and one has purchased a Roku, but neither have Tablo yet :frowning: A 3rd family I know hasn’t cut yet, but considering…

@bkoster - We can’t do it at the unit purchase since the majority of sales happen via the channel. We could do something via the subscription, but most people purchasing are doing so 30 days after they first received the product… Probably a bit early to be a solid reference customer.