Red Channel numbers

On My Channel guide page several of my Channel numbers occasionally flash in red. What does this mean?

Channels will flash red in the Live TV guide screen to indicate they are tuned in.
They’ll flash for a couple minutes, and stop.

Keep in mind, if you have been watching the channel recently OR if the system was recording something on that channel, it will keep the tuner locked on to that channel for a short time after completion.

For recordings this is to ensure it captures any possible schedule overruns, but for live TV, this additional buffer is there in case you want to jump back to the channel, it does’nt have to pre-buffer again.

Thank you, I am a newbe and I had not notice the id’s flashing red until I had just cut 4 feet off my antenna coax. I was checking out my weakest channel and when it started flashing red, I assumed that I had done something wrong. I was trying to determine how to correct it.

Every thing is working the same as before I cut the cable and crimped on a new connector. I just assume that I had done something to weaken the signal.

They are being recorded or at least watched using Tablo