Recover recording database?

We were getting “weak signal” messages on most channels as others noted after Beta .29?

So, I unplugged the HDD and did a factory reset so as to not lose the recordings.

Now it’s like they never existed but the content is still on the HDD (Tablo app shows it half full as before reset) but can’t access it.

Am I screwed?

Surely not!


A Linux box will understand the drive and then you can copy the .ts files off of it. Everybody pretty much has a local Linux User Group… contact them and tell them what you need… shoot, they may even convert the files over to mp4… maybe with meta tags and everything (we Linux guys are like that).

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I wanna learn to do that! ! Making the shows mp4s Would be great! But I Don’t have, nor do I know, linux. :frowning:

The database is stored locally on the Tablo so if you factory reset the Tablo you will not be able to access the recordings from the Tablo.

The drive itself still has the recordings so you can plug it into a computer and save them. Except this process will require some knowledge and work on your part.

Good luck!

I would recommend and you can burn the iso to a dvd and boot to it, so Linux does not need to be installed on your computer. When you get comfortable with it, you might dual boot. There is also a distro that lets you turn your computer into a DVR. See

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Sorry if I’m hijacking the thread. Any advice for us on what apps to use within Ubuntu to convert the .ts files to .mp4? I just found myself in a situation where I want to save two shows I have recorded.

Thank you!

Yep Jestep’s Tablo Exporter is great. It does a great job exporting to MP4 files and it’s good quality.

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At the lowest level you can can concatenate and transcode using ffmpeg. There are posts on the subject you can search here. While TabloExporter is currently a forum favorite, my tool, SurLaTablo is useful for searching and extracting shows without having to “pull the drive”. SurLaTablo is configurable and allows you to write your own transcoding “style” for it in its config file, name it and use it from the command line or make it a default…

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Jestep’s tool is over the network too. No need to disconnect the HDD from the Tablo.

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One more thing about Jestep’s Exporter is that it is quite user-friendly for those of us without deep technical backgrounds. Good user interface - follow the instructions and it works as advertised.


Hi all!
Is it possible to use Tablo Exporter or Surlatablo if the Tablo cannot access them anymore? (In the case Tablo was factory reset).
Or the only option would be to connect the usb drive to a Linux system?
Thank you!

SurLaTablo uses the apis of the Tablo. So, yes, it needs it to be up and have recording ids that at least match what SurLaTablo has cached.

You, of course need to “read” the drive, how to do that from a Windows system may be possible but beyond the scope of this. It is possible but a super PITA to recover recordings.

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