I’m having issues with my recordings on the roku app. The recordings are not showing up on roku but they do show up on the iPad. Anyone know how to get my recordings to show up on roku? It was fine until yesterday morning.

Please delete the Roku channel, reboot your Roku, then re-install the channel. See how that goes.

I tried that but it didn’t work…

The recordings don’t show and it is not recording anything new

So you’re able to open up the Tablo channel on the Roku and do something like watch Live TV?

Reboot your Tablo then.

It still says no recordings found.

You didn’t answer me whether you were able to watch Live TV on the Roku or not?

Yes. I can watch live TV.

When you’re in the home of the Tablo channel, hit the * button. Can you please let us know what version of the Roku channel you have installed?

There was a problem way back where the Tablo Roku channel stopped getting updated and you had to delete it and install the new one. However, if you did as suggested in the first reply by @theuser86, then you wouldn’t have this problem.

Are you at the latest and greatest release on the Tablo - 2.1.24?

@Wxr132 Can you actually play the recordings show up on the iPad?