Recordings wrong, guide wrong on Roku but right on computer, android apps

Anyone have any problem with recordings being out of sync? Guide data is wrong on Roku, right everywhere else but still recordings are many hours off so kind of useless without it. Tablo support have taken 6 days and still not spoken to them other than emails suggesting remote sessions on chrome but several hours pass between communication so impossible to do. Anyone experienced the guide and recording issue? If so can you suggest something I can do myself and Tablo support - as good as they are when you can reach them- isn’t playing well on this one. 

So if you go into Live TV on the Roku, the show listing is different than what is shown in the Live TV Grid say on the iPad?

exactly- (not ipad though imac and android phone+tablet) but the recordings on any platform are wrong and the error appears to reflect the guide on the roku (a guess as can’t see days of data). 

Sounds like maybe the guide data may be wrong for your area channels. This would be something best checked by Tablo directly. They can connect to your Tablo box and see what’s up.

One thing to check: are all your devices configured for the same time zone?  When I installed my Roku 3 it picked Central Time under automated setup, I had to manually set it to Eastern.  That would possibly explain the Roku guide being off.

@Ukex You can reach us directly through phone support if you’d rather not use email:

1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688).