Recordings Thumbnails Missing - Can Restore?

Hello friends – I’ve been running my Tablo for a bazillion years, and notice recently that on the Recordings page, the little “cover image” or thumbnail for a handful of (long-ago-recorded) shows is missing. Clicking in to the recording also doesn’t have the large version of the cover image. Is there any way to refresh these that anyone knows about? Most definitely there were images there before, long ago.


  • Steve

I’ve run into this recently as well…to the point even that some programs will have the artwork right up to the recording time, but it will be missing once it is recorded.

I seem to remember this problem happening before. Then “they” did something and the problem went away. Time will tell. Not “the Tablo I once knew”.

The problem you refer to had to do with the artwork for upcoming shows and not recordings. Such as when the TV Shows All loads a huge list of up coming shows. The randomly missing art work for recordings has been around since day one.

It could be art work that a broadcaster didn’t supply. I have one now for MLB from a few weeks ago. I’m sure is I clear out that folder and record a new broadcast it will magically reappear.

Thx for the comments / corroboration. In my case, I’m looking only at the Recordings screen. I didn’t even check if the pics were missing elsewhere, as these particular shows are long past broadcasting.

The behaviour is the same whether I use the Tablo app, the Roku app, or the API (via my ota2go app). So I guess the image resource is now just plain not on my Tablo, for whatever reason.

Hopefully time, as with many wounds, will heal lol :slight_smile:


I haven’t even had my Tablo for a month yet and I’ve already lost thumbnails of recorded shows. The Fire TV app just displays a big “X” where the thumbnail used to be.

I have never seen any thumbnails in the year I have been using this.

Any chance this will ever be fixed?