Recordings that are ripped to my PC do not show in Plex (Solution Found)

When I rip a recording to my PC, I can find it on my PC in the “Movies” folder (Movies is one of several folders for recordings) but I cannot see it or get it to become available in Plex. I can go to Plex “Settings” and then choose “Libraries” and scan the libraries but the ripped recordings do not show. In the Tablo Ripper apps configuration tab, I only have two boxes checked. They are “Skip Incomplete” and “use plex naming”. This started several months after I had been using the ripper without a problem. I think I might just need to get my brain jogged and I could pick it up from there.

EDIT: The recording names were too long or contained character violations. Shortening the names of the recordings made the titles available after scanning the libraries.

I’ve had that problem when Plex ‘joins’ files together…so it thinks that two separate files are actually the same movie/show…

To find them I go to the movies section and look for titles with duplicates, then I look at the details, if I find that the duplicates are actually separate movies, I split them and I can then match the other file with the proper titles.