Recordings starting 5 minutes late

I have a 2-Tuner Tablo and recently the recordings are all starting 5 minutes late. For example the Today Show that is scheduled to start at 7:00 AM but doesn’t start recording until 7:05. There are no shows scheduled to record before it.

Check the time on your router?

Same problem I have, and my router time is correct.

Have you confirmed this by checking the live TV screen at 7PM to see if the reocrding is in progress? Or is it possible the show could be starting early?

Yes we confirmed that every recorded show was taping 5min into the program. By doing a soft reset of the Tablo, the issue was resolved. I’m not sure how the timing got out of sync.

At the same time, why aren’t recordings started 5m early and finish 5m after? This seems more sane to me.

Probably an issue with available tuners.

Just began using my Tablo, seems all programs are starting about 5-8 minutes late. The result will record the beginning of the next program 5-8 minutes. It’s like it’s ‘shifted’ late. I will continue looking.

Does the Tablo depend on the router time for it’s scheduling?


@heckelboi - Tablo sets its time with NTP and if not, it falls back to time on our servers. However, the time on the device you’re using to view Tablo can also be a factor.

Send a note over to support and we can get this fixed up for you:

So I don’t know why I didn’t try this before, but I did a SOFT reset by quickly pressing the blue small button on the back of the Tablo - that seem to do the trick. I recorded various stuff and they all started right on time. Maybe it simply reconnected to a time server somewhere?

This is a great machine - it’s what I’ve been looking for to replace what I have been using for years:

Snapstream’s Beyond TV(since 2005) - Windows Media Center (couple years now, but no longer supported) - both of which where virtually free, but also didn’t have some of the neat things the Tablo has. Using now with: Roku players, Kindle Fire, PC’s and I heard LG tv’s might have the Tablo app.

Thanks again.


Glad you’re back on track @heckelboi!