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Many Tablo users record an old TV series that they like to re-watch because they love it, as in for example Last Man Standing. These series were usually very successful series and have several seasons with many episodes per season. The Tablo software sorts the 100+ recordings of Last Man Standing from the most recent recording and backwards per each season if the information was provided by the TV network. Why is it not possible to change the sort order? I want to start from Season 1, episode 1 at the top and not season 7 episode 25. I use a 4 tuner table on a Roku Ultra with the latest firmware version in all devices.

I too would like to have the option to sort recordings from Season 1 to Season x instead of the current default sorting method.

Maybe this item should be moved to the “Feature Requests” category.

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It must be app/device possible… this is from that web app. Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo says Roku has “Access to most Tablo screens and features” While PC & MAC has “- Access to most Tablo screens and features including settings”.

They just never define which most screen and/or features each have.

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You are absolutely right, in the Tablo app via the Roku the sort is from newest to oldest. In the Tablo app via my phone the sort is from the oldest to the newest. I incorrectly assumed that all versions of the app would have the same features and behavior, obviously I was wrong. Having said that, the freedom to decide the overall sort order or the sort order within a season would be a great feature.

I was premature in my assessment, the series I chose has one season with over 100 episodes. The other series I looked at is sorted the same way in both devices. Again back to the last of a sort option that the user can select.

I find it frustrating, airing order is by series - series NOT by date when they are broadcast, or at least you don’t get the option.

That’s where I find the flexibility of #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex 3rd party app can pick up where tablo drops off, as they come one-size-fits-all.

Often these apps my be a bit more advances and have many more options. Most are designed primarily for exporting recordings. APL Tablo Client has scheduling functions and virtually ability to sort how ever you can come up with. They may take a bit to get going, so it depends how much it matters to you.