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Small feature request. Episodes of a series are already organized by season. The individual episodes however are sorted by record date. Any chance we can get an option to sort by episode number (i.e. original air date) so that we can properly build a shows library via reruns?



@Andrroid - More sort options are always on our to-do list. Is there a specific platform you’d like to see this on?

Android TV please :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough though, I am looking at my recordings via my Android phone and I see things are ordered by episode properly. I will double check my shield when I get home. Maybe it already sorts by episode number? I could have sworn it was sorting by record date.

Ok so I went back and checked. On my two Android devices (tablet/phone), Tablo is sorting by Episode number. For instance, I have two episodes of Arrow recorded, episode 1 and episode 9 (both season 4). They are grouped under season 4 together, with episode 1 on top and episode 9 beneath it. Episode 9 was recorded a week before episode 1, but despite this, episode 1 is still at the top. This is how it should work, in my opinion, so the Android app has it correct.

On Android TV however, the sorting seems to disregard the episode number and sort by the date it was recorded (earliest recorded on top). In this instance, episode 1 was recorded Dec 16th and episode 9 was recorded Dec.9th. Because episode 9 was recorded first, it is slated before episode 1 in the recordings section.

The discrepancy between the two makes it seem like one is sorting wrong, likely the Android TV app.

What are your thoughts @TabloTV?

The web browser also appears to sort based on episode number, ignoring the date the episode was recorded.

So it would seem the Android TV app is sorting incorrectly? Is this a bug?

Just a quick update. I checked Tablo on my gf’s ipad and that device always sorts by episode number (top to bottom, #s increasing), regardless of the date that Tablo recorded it.

So that means iOS, web browser, and Android mobile app all sort by season and then by episode number. Android TV bug?

I have a roku and fire stick laying around. I’ll confirm how those sort later unless someone wants to chime in.

Checked Tablo on the fire stick last night. As I suspected, it also sorts based on recorded date as opposed to first air date (episode number). Judging by how Tablo has grouped Android TV and Fire TV and the similar nature of those platforms, my guess is they are similar apps on a code level and it is a bug they share.

I filed a bug report about this. I am hoping it is in fact a bug, as I would like to see my episodes in numerical order on my Shields, the same as all my other devices display.

Can you confirm this is a bug @TabloTV ?

@Andrroid - It is. We’ll be looking at this shortly.


Awesome. Thanks and Happy New Year.

Any update on this @TabloTV? Has this bug been tackled/identified in house? My libraries are starting to look funky for some of the syndicated shows that I record.


@Andrroid - We’re working on an update now that will include this. Stay tuned.

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