Recordings segmented

Scheduled recordings are broken into 3-5- 8 minute segments. Rebooted, rescanned channels, Roku says excellent for connections, Internet connected fine. What can I do?

You didn’t say if this was happening for recordings for one channel, multiple channels, or all channels.

Segmented recordings can usually happen due to weak signal that fades in and out.

I just had this happen for the first time in my three months of use. Disturbed me greatly. I’ll see what happens …

Depending on location, spring is near. Trees start to get leaves. Often high clear skies change reception. Some people might make minor antenna adjustments in the summer. Even LTE cell towers cause problems.

Open a ticket and have support look at your logs. Multiple short segments of the same show generally indicates some type of reception issue. Unfortunately if it is a bad enough issue it actually causes the Tablo to reboot in some situation which is why the result is multiple segments.

I had a similar problem. Resolved by moving HD connection to other USB port and reseated connection on HD. Problem was losing connection to HD.

I know this is completely unrelated coincidence, the past week or so I have had lost a couple recordings or had multiple parts - something I haven’t encountered in the past.

I know even if there’s a weak moment - tablo poops out. On a rare occasion I’ll see slight pixelation or artifacts while watching actual TV, this is relatively new, so it’s not just the tablo… other than giving up. Maybe solar flares or a geomagnetic storm.