Recordings running long

All of a sudden it seems like all of my recordings are adding 30 minutes to the end. Is this happening to anyone else?

Tablo’s ‘Extend Live Recordings’ feature also applies to season/series finales. It will add 50% of the run time up to 2 hours to these recordings.

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Oh! That makes sense, I do believe it is just the finales now that I think about it. Didn’t know it did that!

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No worries! This is a question that comes up at least once every ‘finale’ season :slight_smile:

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Documented right here…



I had thought it was here:

But it’s not on the list.

I will shoot Nerf darts at @TabloSupport until he fixes this oversight.

It’s either been a long week or this was just that funny. I laughed so hard 2 coworkers came into my office to see what was so funny.

Fixed… :slight_smile:

Got your document… right here!

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