Recordings run long - how does it affect conflicts

I know this has been discussed before in the sense that by design the tablo will record a few min before and after the scheduled time of the show, so a 60 min show is roughly 65min recorded.

But my question is how does this affect conflicts…meaning if I have enough shows back to back to back so much so to fill up all my tuners for a number of hours…on different channels…does it miss the first part of the show for the subsequent recordings because it’s recording the add-on time from the previous show on a different channel?

Does that make sense what I’m trying to ask??

Normally, shows (other than live, which are extended longer) will have 5 minutes tacked on to the end. If no tuners are available, then the show will not get the 5 minute extension. It terminates immediately.

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ah ok - thanks