Recordings not showing up on both tvs

The latest update has been a real issue for me, to say the least. I think I’m figuring it out then I’m thrown for a loop. I asked one of the Tablo techs if there is a guide on how to use this update, unfortunately there isn’t.
I have two Amazon Fire Sticks one attached to each tv. Followed by a Tablo Dual. Record programs on a Seagate 1 TB hard drive.
Current issues are: I schedule the programs to be recorded each morning on the tv the Tablo and one Fire Stick and hard drive are hooked up to. In the past it hasn’t mattered which tv I used to schedule the programs to be recorded. This evening I wanted to watch the recorded programs on the tv w/o the Tablo and hard drive. There were 5 programs scheduled to record none of those program were in recordings on the tv I wanted to watch. But I checked the tv that has the Tablo and hard drive attached all the programs had been recorded. What is possibly going on. Do I need to reboot the Fire Stick attached to the tv w/o the Tablo and hard drive? If anyone has an suggestion let me know or I’m sitting on hold in the que calling Tablo customer service tomorrow morning. Thanks

Not sure what you are trying to describe. The Tablo should not be ‘hooked up’ or ‘attached’ to a particular TV. It might be closer to one TV or the other but it isn’t physically connected to any TV. You can try rebooting the Fire Stick that is plugged in to the TV that is not displaying the recordings and see if that helps.

Thank you. I’m sorry for the confusion my description caused. I’m well aware the Tablo should not be “hooked up”, meaning, of course, attached to a tv. The Fire Stick, ota antenna, and Tablo are all attached to one another correctly, I assure you, The tv being the common in everything. As of this morning, the programs recorded on the hard drive early yesterday evening are now appearing in recordings. I’m guessing there is some delay on some TVs or maybe Fire Sticks though neither one of those devices stores recordings only the hard drive does. Note the recordings appeared immediately on the tv that the Tablo and hard drive were attached, described previously.
I guess what I have to get used to with these new updates there are delays; certainly there can be no rushing to set anything up or the “error” message will pop up.
Again thank you for your reply. I’m still going to contact Tablo Customer Service to report the issue. That’s what customer are being asked to do according to the last representative I spoke to, btw.