Recordings not showing up in web interface

I use both a roku and the web interface on my iphone and I’m having a disconnect between the two devices regarding my recorded shows. The roku shows all shows recorded yesterday (Friday) and today while the web interface is only showing shows from Friday. Any ideas?

I see this happen sometimes (including yesterday).  The easiest solution is just refresh the browser on the recordings screen.  I was able to see my recordings yesterday by doing that.

If that doesn’t work, then delete (not disconnect) your Tablo from the web interface and then connect to it again.  This forces a re-sync, and you will get all your recordings.  

Ok. It seems that the iphone interface is the one I’m having trouble with. Tried two browsers, cleared all data in one browser and I’m still seeing just the one show. The desktop interface seems to be showing everything.

Update: the delete did the trick. Thanks snowcat!