Recordings less than full time, skips

I have a 4200X, S/W version 11.0.0 build 4193, firmware 2.2.40. Lately, my scheduled recordings are recording for less then the required time and with many stuttering skips. For example, I may have a recording set for an hour but recordings may only be 27 minutes and while watching the recording, there are many freeze or skips. It seems like it may be getting the beginning and the end but many gaps in between. I also have scenarios where the same program will have multiple recordings of a minute to a few minutes.

I have reset the power to then Tablo and drive- no luck. I have not pressed the reset button yet as I don’t want to go through the setup again unless I absolutely have to do so.

Do you experience the same issues when viewing live TV? Do you experience the same issues with recordings on different channels?

Multiple recordings of the same episode/show usually indicates some type of reception issue and if the issue is bad enough it can cause the Tablo to reboot which is what causes the multiple recordings of different lengths. When the Tablo reboots it starts recording again.

I guess it could also be the drive being used with the Tablo having issues but what you are describing sounds more like a reception issue.

Agreed, sounds like reception issue. And just because reception is good when you check or watch live TV doesn’t mean it will be OK when it’s time to record.