Recordings in progress do not show up in the Roku Recordings/All area


I believe this used to work, based on this post:

This is currently making it hard to watch the Emmy’s. The recording indicator is flashing red on the channel guide, which makes me think the recording is happening, but there’s no recording listed in the Roku apps, or the web interface. I know the recording was set up, b/c there was a conflict that we had to resolve.

I saw this happen today for the cowboys game. I have “extend live recordings” set and when it went past the scheduled time it was neither in the Scheduled or Recorded menu. But the channel was blinking red. But it did magically appear in the Recorded menu after the extended time expired.

I just added a second recording (Sunday Night Football). It causes the channel to flash red on the guide, but it does not appear in the Recordings or Failed Recordings areas. Very annoying.

To follow up, neither recordings (Emmys or Sunday Night Football) are in my Recordings or Failed recordings as of right now, hours after both shows ended.

At this point my Tablo is not a DVR, it’s more of a TV via IP streamer box, which is not what I paid for.

Open up a Support Ticket so they can remote in and pull logs to see what went wrong. Big bug.

@jeff - We have heard this from a few different folks and are trying to diagnose this frustrating issue.

Please send a note to and let us know exactly what you’ve recorded (show, airdate, airtime, channel) that didn’t show up as well as your MAC address. We’ll pull your database and investigate.