Recordings Gone

I replaced my 2 tuner unit with a 4 tuner and plugged the hard drive from my 2 tuner into it. It shows disk space as being used, but none of the recordings show up. Did I lose all the previously recorded shows? Anyway to rebuild the recorded show index?

Last time this was asked, no the hard drive cannot transfer between units. 

Also, if you went through setup on the new tablo then it is likely cleaning up the hard drive, deleting shows. Check the tablo settings page and you’ll like see more free space then last time.

When I do a factory reset, it takes the unit around 12-24hrs to delete all the shows.
So if you have to have these shows, unplug the hard drive and read these forumns to learn how to save the files onto your computer for playback.

Thanks for the info @Thumbs. That’s what I thought. I do see that the size adjusted over night.

There must be a way to migrate things from one Tablo to another.  Did you call the support hotline @badhoy?

This has been asked over and over.

I previously posted in another thread which others seems to agree with “Can you just clone one HDD to another HDD using Acronis True Image? It should re-size the partition to fully utilize the 1 TB. I have never tried this, it may be too much of a headache and just say good bye to your previous recordings. Cloning a drive will not ruin the host / primary drive so you can actually test this out yourself.”

If you’ve already plugged the HDD into the new tuner and initialized it you’ve lost your previous recordings.