Recordings, figures faces have glassy eyes and tan faces good outside antenna in use

Recordings, figures faces have glassy eyes and tan faces good outside antenna in use.

Can you give more info about your setup? Are you using a network-based Tablo or HDMI attached Tablo? Is this a new issue or has been going on since you bought it? Is is happening on all clients or just a particular one? Is it happening on all channels or just particular ones?


My best guess is that you are seeing this issue on a TV. If you are using a Tablo HDMI, you may be using an HDMI port that you have never used or calibrated before, and the default setting just isn’t good. If this is the case, try to match the settings on this HDMI port to one that you know is good (maybe even switching the Tablo’s port to the good one temporarily to see if there is a difference).

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A picture or video would be really helpful as well. I don’t think anyone has described something quite like this before.

Do you have a amp, too strong a signal can cause similar.

Digital signals are a series of 1’s and 0’s. My understanding is ATSC usually uses forward error correction although it isn’t mandatory. If you lose a packet it’s usually gone not damaged or incorrect. Too much RF like from an amplifier would result in weak signal errors due to receiver desensitization. In my opinion this is most likely a TV issue like @snowcat mentioned. That’s where color processing and adjustments happens. Compression that Tablo uses could cause loss of color depth but that doesn’t sound like what is happening here either because that usually makes the picture look “soft” rather then discolored. Even using Tablo’s highest level of compression I haven’t seen that.