Recordings failing can't tune live tv

For some reason over the last week or 2 all my recordings have failed. I love my tablo but use it as a backup for the most part.

It is possible it is at it’s end of life but I figured I would see if anyone has a suggestion.

Right now every recording is failing and I can’t tune live tv. The strange thing is if I do a scan with the antenna everything comes back green.

I have reset it with the blue button and pulled the power to try and get it to work.

I want to wait for the new quad tuner to get a new one but I am not a fan of not having anything for a few months.

Thanks for your help.

I had some odd issues with recording not long after we had some electricity issues. Got a replacement Tablo power supply and that resolved the issue, as if it had enough power to be on but when recording and drawing more power it wasn’t getting enough juice. May not be related at all but wanted to throw it out there.

Thanks. Buying a new power supply is probably worth it.

Don’t hesitate to send our support team a ticket, either. We can take a look at the Tablo to see if we can provide any insight.

The power supply worked! Thanks. Thanks to Tablo for taking a look at my 3-4 year old box too.


Woot! Glad to hear it was a simple fix.

And we’re always happy to lend a hand, no matter how long you’ve had your Tablo.

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Well it worked for a day or so. My Tablo is back on the fritz. When is the new 4 tuner coming out?


Sorry to hear that! Can you hit reply on your ticket with support and let them know?

It is ok. I replaced the hard drive and it seems to be working for now.

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