Recordings disappear after watching / deleting a recording

I am on 2.2.6 and using the web app

I notice after watching a recording and deleting it I see nothing in my recordings, The work around I have found is going to live TV and when I go back to recordings everything is there again. I did reboot the device and the same issue appears… is 2.2.7 coming soon?

Which device? Computer with Chrome browser?

I have seen something similar on various devices - except I usually see the blue corner triangle with the number of episodes for one show (but no associated thumbnail - that triangle just hangs out there by itself in space). But I have found that if I leave it on that screen and wait, it will refresh eventually and all of the recordings show up again. Or going to Live TV and back forces a refresh (I assume), bringing the thumbnails back again.

Same issue here on fire stick.

Same workaround used.

Windows 10 Chrome browser

This is the exact behavior I’m seeing as well on Fire TV…