Recordings different across devices

We’ve had the Tablo for about 6 months and have loved being able to ditch Directv. We use an ipad and our iphones to stream to our AppleTV. The ipad is our primary device for loading a recording and streaming it, and it seems to have the full list of recordings (about 900 GB). Recently the recordings screen on our iphones shows only 1 or 2 recordings, when we know there are a ton. After restarting the Tablo, deleting the app on the the phone and restarting and reinstalling, still no changes. One of the phones shows no recordings at all. I don’t understand why there would be a difference across the devices. The primary problem this is causing is that we want to bulk delete shows (not possible on the ipad) and since the phone no longer shows all the recordings, we no longer have a means to do it. Deleting them one at a time takes so long, it’s not practical. Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions?

I have had similar problems with my 5s. Go into Settings>General>Manage Storage>Tablo and select Tablo and it will show an amount of Documents and Data (mine is 42.2MB) Go to Delete App and select and delete the Tablo app and all of its data. Then go to iTunes and reinstall Tablo and then go thru the Tablo sync, sorry, and this has always fixed my problems on the 5s. I have had to do this several times on the iPads also. If this doesn’t work I am out of suggestions - place a trouble ticket with Tablo support for help. Cheers, J

Thanks Sodaman - That used to work for me as well. This time after doing that I seem to have lost the live tv guide as well as recordings. It populates one or two timeslots and the rest is blank.

@brian Definitely some odd results - give our support team a shout if you haven’t already.

I contacted them yesterday, thanks!