Recordings detail page image

The recordings detail page shows an image from the recording, and it can be kind of random. Is there any way to use the icon from the program, as shown in the guide pages or recording schedule. Here’s an example from a show my wife watches. I’m on version 2.2.28. Thanks.

What app is this?

This is when viewed on a Windows PC, but it’s the same way in the Android app.

That image or icon is an actual still frame from the recording. Usually the beginning of it recording.

Yes, he said that…he asked if there is a way to use the Show image instead of a still from the recording :slight_smile:

The simple answer is no, you could make this a feature request if you would like.

Lol I should read better, sorry

It has been requested previously and we did have a bit of a chat internally about it again today.

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This really can not be that important compared to other possible changes. Most of my TV shows are correct.

But I have 11 NBA games recorded and only 1 has an image that could be NBA.

But I do not think a picture of KFC will confuse me.

Please add me to the list of folks requesting this feature. Thank you.