Recording's are not showing

I have scheduled recordings that I can verify from the Android table application and from a web browser - are being correctly recorded, but when I attempt to find those recordings from the Roku’s Tablo channel, I’m greeted with a notification that there are no recordings.

Is this a common problem and is there a fix?  I have not desire to watch my programs from tablets or my phone.

@wlongacre Do the recordings show up once they’re finished? Or is this specific to recordings in progress? We’ll take a look on our end to see if we can reproduce this. 

They are not showing at either time, neither during recordings or after completion.  I even thought that maybe there was some confusion from when I first bought the Tablo and had it setup to record programs using the subscription service (during the period the subscription service was new and outside of the trial window introduction).  I was thinking maybe the Tablo was having a rough time displaying subscription recorded program and scheduled programs.  I deleted all subscription based recordings, but no luck.

TabloSupport  if it cannot be reproduced, is there any suggestions on how to correct?

@wlongacre We tested this on few different Rokus and Tablo’s yesterday without any issues. Recordings both in progress and completed showed up without any issues. Which model of the Roku are you using? Is the ‘Recordings’ tile even visible?Or is it there and just completely empty?

I have two Roku3’s and a Roku 2.  On all Roku’s I start from my channel list, “ok” on the Tablo Channel, which brings me to “live tv”, I go right to the “Recordings” option and from there I am greeted with a “No Recordings.  No recordings found” and an “ok” only selection option.  From a web browser or the Android application, I can see all my recordings under the “Recordings” option.  At this point with your comments about being unable to reproduce, I feel like I need a reset of some sort but I’m not sure where to start?

I have an issue where periodically one episode of a show will not show up in my recording list when using the Roku 3 or Roku stick.  However, I can see that the recording did take place when using the Tablo app on my iPad.  This has happened twice now–once last Wednesday and again yesterday.  It’s a show I record 5 days a week and I can’t figure out why there have been these two anomalies.  Any ideas?

@wlongacre Try removing the Tablo channel from your Roku altogether, then reboot the Roku. Once it’s back up, send the Tablo channel back over from the Roku Owner’s Portal.

@niffer0519 Does the recording ever show up - just a little later? Or is it just missing indefinitely? 
If it’s delayed, I’d tack it down to latency on the network.

Thank you @tablosupport ! Pulling the updated channel resolved my issue.

@wlongacre Glad to hear it :slight_smile: