Recordings are 50 percent too long!

Here’s a new one - most of my most recent recordings are about fifty percent longer than they should be. For example, the scheduled recording time was 7:00 PM - 8:01 PM, but the actual “Length” shows as “1 hrs 31 mins”. This is not happening with every single recording, but is is happening to many of them. The channel doesn’t seem to matter - it is happening across multiple networks. And interestingly, the recording date doesn’t even seem to be all that important either, because I just found one from January 21st. And yet it has also affected “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” from May 17th.

The only commonality that I can see is that so far, it only seems to affect the most recent recording for any given show. And I mentioned that particular show because it was supposed to be 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM, but Tablo recorded “Length: 3 hrs 0 mins”. It did the same thing with the Grammy’s, which was a very long show to start with, and then Tablo recorded something like five and a half hours! That was the first time I had seen this happen, so I thought that was just a fluke. I just deleted it and kept going, a little thankful even that it had not actually run as long as Tablo was showing. I think that particular recording is of interest because it was from February. But again, it was the last (and only) recording in the list for that particular show.

I started going through my entire list and I just now found a show Apr 18 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM with a status (in orange) of “Recording now…” How the heck is a show from two days ago still “Recording now…”? I then checked the last recording for every other show and didn’t find any more with this same status. I don’t know of any way to tell if the Tablo is actually recording anything or not. The channel doesn’t show as active in the Live TV guide, if that means anything.

So I’m just trying to figure out what I should do. Should I hit the reset button, or is that going to just make a bad situation even worse? Or will it do nothing at all? Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?

Are they season finales? They automatically record half again longer to be sure nothing is missed.

The Grammys are a live event, the same rule applies.

Live events like the Grammys and sports events are automatically set to record for 50% longer than the scheduled time to account for going over the designated time slot. For some reason, season finales are treated like live events, so the last episode of every series will be 50% longer. Since it is May, all the shows are starting to air their season finales. I believe this only happens if a tuner is available, but am unsure. You can turn this off in settings if you do not want that to happen. Under Smart Settings, uncheck Extend Live Recordings and this won’t happen again.

AH, I never equated this setting to finales, good to know.

We get this question every finale season :smiley:

The logic is that if it’s a season finale, you don’t want to miss the last few minutes so we just extend it an extra 50% to make sure there’s no ‘Who Shot JR’ or ‘Who shot Mr Burns’ moments that are missed.

Well gee,it’s kind of embarrassing to be the only one that doesn’t know about this. But if everything is as it should be, then what’s up with the show that has been recording for two days?

As a follow-up, I just tried to play the show that was still recording and it looks like it never got past 3:36…and it still shows to be recording. What is the solution to that?

A weak signal will do that.
The transcoder gets stuck on a corrupted segment.
Viewing the shows details might display 30 minutes recorded, but viewing the recording shows less, usually way less than the 30 minutes.
This occurs on 2 (marginal signal channels) of my 8 channels, from time to time.

Well, thanks for the thought @Radojevic, but it wasn’t a marginal channel. I started with Tablo in June of last year, and I have never seen this before. I’ve seen lots of “stuff”, but not this.

And it’s still stuck, even now. Hopefully @TabloTV can offer some advice as to how to deal with it. Perhaps just delete it, but it almost seems like a database issue, and if that is the case, then I would like to take whatever action would be the least likely to cause further damage.

@MrMark - That’s quite odd. I would suggest placing a ticket with support so we can look into this for you:

@TabloTV, I opened a ticket the same day I started this thread, but no response yet.

…and it’s still shows “recording now”, even now

Hi Mark - Did you use the support form? I checked in with the support team and they don’t seem to have anything from you recently.

If you use the form, you’ll receive an automatic reply so you know the ticket has been accepted by the system.

I submitted a request via the system that you linked above, but I am not seeing any way to review my requests.

@MrMark - There isn’t a way to do that, but an email will be sent directly to your email inbox that says we have received it if it went through. It sounds like it may have gotten stuck in the internet somewhere unfortunately.

just sent a new request.