Recording syndicated shows on the preferred channel

There is a long-standing issue for scheduling syndicated programs to record on the preferred channel. Is there STILL not a solution? Even when I go through and manually tap “record” for each episode on the proper channel, it sometimes still records on a different channel instead. Plus, this has to be done every few days for each syndicated show, as the guide updates. Surely it’s possible to add a command to permanently select the channel from which to record a show?

If they do add that feature, it should be selectable/optional. The reason I say this is that sometimes a show will move from one network to another, and I still want Tablo to follow and record the show, regardless of network. Last time this happened, Supergirl changed networks to TheCW, and Tablo worked perfectly.

That’s a great point, and I agree - it should be something you choose you check or not. For me, the issue is only with syndicated shows, such as the highly educational entertainment news & talk shows. :rofl::rofl: