Recording stops before program is completedl

Twice now Tablo quit recording before the program was over. There is plenty of room available on my disk. The recording time start and finis was correct.


Until the actual cause is found, when you set a program to record, you can choose the option to extend the recording time past the end of the show.


How much time should I extend? The latest occurence was 35 minutes (stopped recording) into a 90 minute program.

Open a Support Ticket with Tablo and have them look at your logs directly. This is not normal behaviour. Maybe your HDD times out or disconnects when it shouldn’t.

Adding 30 minutes to a 60 minute show that stops at 35 minutes isn’t going to solve the problem.

If these recordings were made during a guide update, maybe there was something in the guide update that affected the recording.

How do I open a ticket? I’m new to Tablo and never did one before. BTW, thanks for your input.