Recording split into 3 or 4 parts

I got the latest 4th generation box and have been testing it out. Besides the minor bugs with it using iOS to manage it, I noticed that my recordings are split into 3or 4 files. For example, an hour long show will be split into 4 ‘recordings’ - the first will be the first 20 minutes of the show, the second would be 10 minutes of the show, third is 5 minutes of the show and the last one will be the remaining portion of the show.

Anyone else have this problem?

It’s unfortunate, but this has been on ongoing issue… generation to generaton

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Drat - I should have researched better before buying. Thanks!

This is often times a result of reception issues. If the reception is bad enough it will cause the recording to fail and then re-start which results in multiple recordings for the same episode.


Is this limited to FAST channel recordings.

Did something get edited? I don’t see the OP mentioning FAST channels at all.

There was an issue earlier in the development cycle where FAST channels suffered from this issue, but I haven’t seen it in a while.

@Nilex is right about it being a reception issue. Hopefully the OP can work on antenna placement to improve it.

It’s back for FAST channels. that’s why I ask.

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Thanks for the advice on the reception. Silly question - how do I test it to ensure the best reception? When I watch live tv, all the channels are crystal clear and there’s generally no issues with it. Does that mean my reception is fine or are there other ways to test it?

I do notice that sometimes the live channel guide does load fully or takes a while to load. I’m not sure if this is a cause. I guess I’ll try to contact support and see if they can find anything.

So when you watch live TV using the Tablo app those same channels that have issues with recordings are fine? Are you using the built-in storage on the 4th gen Tablo?

That’s correct - live tv seems to be fine for that specific channel.
I use the internal storage - no external storage connected