Recording Schedule doesn't adjust for Daylight Savings Time

Tablo is NOT TV Listings and Recording Schedule is NOT adjusting to “Daylight Savings Time”.

  1. Time displayed on Tablo is correct on both Windows and Android.
  2. “Live TV” appears to display programs on TV Channels at the correct time.
  3. “INFO” and Scheduled Recordings all still display “Standard Time”.

Issue was “Resolved”.
Solution provided by: Tablo Support - Nyein (Tablo)

The Tablo grabs its time zone information from the device you use to run a channel scan, this would have been MST at the time of the firs scan.

We can fix this by running a new scan on your Tablo.

First, make sure you’re using a device using the correct time zone. Next, connect to the Tablo app and follow these steps:

Settings > Edit location > Use Current > Begin Channel Scan > Add to guide. This will reset your Tablo’s local time zone to match the one being used on the device running the channel scan. Try and schedule a new recording to verify the change has been made.

Note: if you have any kind of active VPN, or if the date and time settings on your device are wrong, the Tablo will not grab the proper time zone and your recordings will continue to record at the incorrect time.

Thats just one of the reasons I live in Arizona!!!

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I checked my scheduled recordings. They seem to all display the correct time and I am on Daylight Saving Time.

Mine adjusted.
Open a support ticket, and they’ll fix your time issue.

My Tablo adjusted correctly at the changeover to DST.

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@BigJim_McD This process should definitely be automatic. Give our support team a shout and we’ll work with you to get this up and running.

I am having this issue as well. In Arizona and time recordings are two hours earlier than it should be. I have submitted a ticket as well. I have seen multiple users with this problem. Why is it that the solution is not just posted yet requires a ticket submission?

Because it requires the Tablo folks to adjust your Tablo. It can’t be done by the user.

What is it exactly that Tablo has to adjust?

@munkee333 Around this time, we believe we had an issue with the way the apps could set up time zones on the Tablo. For some edge cases, it wasn’t set correctly - so we could do it on our end.

That said, this isn’t the case anymore. We’ve since made some changes, and your Tablo should grab the right time now if you run a scan at Navigate to: Settings > Edit location > Use current > Begin channel scan > Add to guide.

Of course this solution may not work if you have a channel(s) that has marginal reception depending on whether the neighbor starts using their arc welder or the military jacks up it’s radar. In those situations this solution can cause certain channels to disappear from your channel list.